Are you a barber? Do you use Amazon Prime? Answer yes to both of those questions and I’ve got good news: the Barbarvoo website is about to make your life a lot, lot easier. Even if you’re not currently a Prime member, you might consider signing up once you hear about all the benefits you could be receiving…

  • Barbarvoo with Amazon Prime makes barbering simpler

First and foremost, using Barbarvoo – especially if you’re a Prime member – is simply going to save you time, energy and effort. Rather than trawling through different sites and trying to find a good deal, you can go to one trusted location to find the best prices on popular products.

  • Urgently replace broken equipment

Barbers in certain cities will be able to benefit from delivery on the same-day and, in some cases, within two hours. So, the next time your favourite clipper breaks unexpectedly, you won’t need to panic. Simply check that your city is eligible and, if it is, place an order before noon to receive it on the same day.

  • Quickly replenish used stock

Even if same-day delivery hasn’t come to your city yet, you can benefit from free next-day delivery to make sure you never run too low on your clients’ favourite grooming products. 

  • Be the first to try out hot new tools

You can also use Barbarvoo to get brand new tools such as clippers and shears as soon as they’re released to the UK market. Use same day or nest day delivery to be the first barber in your turn to purchase the best new blades!

  • Stock up on everyday barbering essentials

Prime pantry makes it easy to buy bulk quantities of essential everyday items such as shampoo and conditioner, with delivery costs starting at just £2.99. 

  • Get access to limited ‘lightning’ deals

Keeping your barbershop stocked is expensive. But with Prime membership, you’ll be able to benefit from early access to ‘lightning’ deals. This is when products can be bought at a discount for a small amount of time only, and often in limited quantities. 

  • Save even more by timing your purchases well

There are also bigger discount events, such as Prime day, when more items become available at even cheaper prices. Keep an eye out for discounts on your favourite clipper brands or grooming items. 

  • Get money back if you’re not in a rush for delivery

Of course, not everything is urgent, and if you’re not in any rush to receive your barbering products then you can get benefits for that, too. ‘No rush delivery’ comes with rewards such as money back on future items, incentivising you to order your goods in advance. 

  • Shop from one of the largest collections of barbering goods

Another great reason to shop at Barbarvoo is the variety: mix and match from different suppliers to create your own unique toolkit.

  • Bundle items into one delivery

Ordering from lots of different suppliers can be a pain: your items will ship on different days and you’ll have to pay multiple shipping costs. As a Prime member using Barbarvoo, you can group these items into one speedy order. 

  • Order express items for your clients

What do you do if one of your clients wants to purchase a product that you don’t have in stock? At the moment, you probably send them onto the supplier’s website, losing a sale in the process. Instead, why not offer an express service: order the item on Barbarvoo and use your Prime membership to have it delivered the next day for your client to pick up.  

  • Share benefits with other family barbers

Prime benefits can be shared with family members, so if your barbershop is a family affair then you can all get the same perks without needing to pay for multiple memberships.  

  • Get cashback by using an Amazon credit card

If you use a credit card to manage your barbershop expenses, then you could consider using one that’s provided by Amazon. This will allow you to get cashback on every purchase that you make.

  • Easily return products that aren’t up to scratch

We hope that everything you order will be exactly what you hoped for, but if something doesn’t work quite as well as you hoped, you can benefit from Amazon Prime’s excellent return policy. Get a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as prepaid return labels in case you need to ship your item back. 

  • Try and test different products

The great discounts and easy delivery that you’ll get through Barbarvoo mean that you don’t have to limit yourself to using the same old products. Instead, it’s easy to try something new and see if it’s a hit with the men in your shop. 

  • Make a bigger mark up on the products you sell…

Discounted prices also mean that you can make more money when you resell grooming products to your clients.

  • … or charge less for happier clients

Alternatively, you can pass on the discounts by charging less without actually losing any money. Win-win! 

  • Know that you can trust the products you’re buying

At Barbarvoo we curate the best barbering products available to Amazon Prime members (and other shoppers). This means that you can be sure of the quality of the clippers, shears and other barbering goods you buy. 

  • Get the products you need when travelling abroad

If your travelling to a barber show in another country, then you can still rely on Barbarvoo to get the essentials you need once you’re out there – with international shipping, forgetting your favourite clippers or running low on an important grooming product doesn’t have to be a problem.  

  • You’ll also benefit from all the other great Prime perks

Aside from getting great products delivered cheaper and quicker, there are other great things on offer for Prime members, such as video and music streaming. Our favourite for barbers, though, is the access to free e-books and audiobooks: look for motivational titles that will inspire you to push your career to the next level. 

If you’re not a Prime member already then don’t worry – it’s easy to sign up and definitely won’t break the bank! You’re only one step away from getting the best deals and service on your barber supplies: so sign up, and start using Barbarvoo to keep your barbershop running efficiently and effectively.